Mielen Association

Founded in 1991, Mielen is an expert organisation on mental wellbeing in Finland.

Our core values are Hope, Involvement, Renewal and Joy.

We aim to promote mental wellbeing, and help lay the ground for services supporting work on mental health and substance abuse, and development projects.

Our work forms include supported accommodation, rehabilitative working possibilities and workshops, open Recovery College and other low-threshold activities.

Activities are for people who:

  • need support in their daily lives
  • need guidance or help because of their mental health and/or substance abuse challenges, partial working ability, unemployment, or other crisis in their lives
  • want to improve their positive mental health, to have meaningful activities, and to join other people

The framework of Mielen NGO is recovery orientation. Recovery orientation is an important way of understanding our work and questions concerning mental health. Recovery orientation is needed:

  • to support people in building and maintaining meaningful and satisfying life and personal identity
  • to take people’s own experiences, self-determination and personal goals seriously.